YouTube Life (Roblox) Wiki
YouTube Life (Roblox)

The Game[]

Officially released in the 8th of April, 2022, and created by YouTuber Matsbxb, the game has rapidly grown, with many players fighting for places on the leaderboard and special play buttons created by the developers.


Players are spawned in the center of the map, where they can head to their apartments to record videos. Upon editing and uploading, players can gain Subscribers, Cash, and Gems, some of which can be used to upgrade setups, purchase upgrades, unlock chests, and more!

Once the player reaches 50k subscribers, the player gets their first phone. Phones are usable only outside, and on the main map. Upon clicking on the phone, the player gets subscribers and cash. Players could earn gems from phones previously but it has now been removed. The player can get better phones by earning more subscribers.

Boss battles are open for all players to participate. Players can join during the intermission and defeat bosses by using launchers and dodging attacks from the boss. When the boss is defeated, players who survived will receive a certain number of rewards. These rewards can vary from temporary five to ten-minute boosts, to subscribers and cash, to even a limited called the TVover or CAMover depending on the boss.

When players reach a certain number of subscribers. they can obtain play buttons, with the smallest being 100K subscribers and the largest one being 10Sx. Play buttons boost your views without requiring you placing it down.

Players can also purchase bigger housing units for more upgrade slots.

Players can also prestige after reaching a certain number of subscribers which will reset their stats and grant them a permanant subscriber boost.

Setups and upgrades can assist the players by granting them perks upon being placed in the apartment (e.g. 20% more cash)